What is Bath Soft Cheese? A Modern British Classic Reminiscent of French Brie

Bath Soft Cheese (ENGLAND) - Cheese Origin

Welcome to a gastronomic journey that explores the rich, creamy world of Bath Soft Cheese – a modern British classic that echoes the delicate flavors of French Brie.

This award-winning cheese, wrapped in parchment and stamped with an emblem of authenticity, is more than just a food item. It’s a testament to traditional cheese-making techniques blended with innovative approaches.

The Bath Soft Cheese Company, nestled in the lush landscapes of Somerset, has been churning out these decadent squares of ivory delight for generations. Made from the milk of their own cows at Park Farm, every bite of this cheese is a story of dedication, craftsmanship, and love for the craft.

Whether you’re looking for a showstopping cake for a special occasion, or simply want to enhance your everyday meals, Bath Soft Cheese promises to deliver an extraordinary experience.

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Quick Facts about Bath Soft Cheese

NameBath Soft Cheese
OriginBath, Somerset, England
TypeSoft, artisan cheese
Milk SourceOrganic cow’s milk
TextureSoft, creamy, and yielding
FlavorMild, mushroomy with hints of lemons
RindEdible, with an earthy flavor
Aging TimeTypically 2-3 weeks
ProducerThe Bath Soft Cheese Company
AwardsSupreme Champion at Nantwich International Cheese Awards
PairingsFresh fruit, crusty bread, light white wines or sparkling wines
Special FeaturesHandmade using traditional methods, organic
AvailabilityAll year round

What is Bath Soft Cheese?

Bath Soft Cheese is a type of artisan cheese produced in the city of Bath, located in Somerset, England. It’s a soft, creamy cheese that is reminiscent of French Brie in terms of its texture and flavor profile.

Made from organic cow’s milk sourced directly from Park Farm, the cheese is handmade using traditional methods, which gives it a unique, distinct flavor.

The cheese has an edible rind and a soft, yielding interior that becomes creamier as it matures. The flavor is mild and mushroomy with hints of lemons. Bath Soft Cheese has won several awards for its quality and taste, including the Supreme Champion at the Nantwich International Cheese Awards.

Produced by The Bath Soft Cheese Company, this cheese is available all year round and can be enjoyed on its own or paired with fresh fruit, crusty bread, and light white or sparkling wines.

What does Bath Soft Cheese taste like

Bath Soft Cheese

Bath Soft Cheese is a rich, creamy cheese reminiscent of the finest French Brie. It has a mild, mushroomy flavor with hints of lemons. Its texture is soft and yielding with a luxuriously flowing interior.

As it matures, the cheese develops a deeper, more complex flavor profile, becoming creamier and gaining a slight pungency. The rind can also be eaten and adds a contrasting earthy note to the overall taste.

This cheese is considered a delicacy and is often enjoyed on its own or with a simple accompaniment like fresh bread or fruit.

Bath Soft Cheese Tasting Notes

  • Texture: Bath Soft Cheese has a soft, creamy, and yielding texture. As it matures, the cheese becomes even creamier, offering a luxurious mouthfeel.
  • Flavor: The flavor of Bath Soft Cheese is mild and mushroomy, with subtle hints of lemons. This makes it a delicately flavored cheese that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with other foods.
  • Rind: The rind of Bath Soft Cheese is edible and adds an earthy note to the overall taste. It provides a nice contrast to the rich, creamy interior of the cheese.
  • Maturity: As the cheese matures, it develops a deeper, more complex flavor profile. The mushroomy flavor intensifies and the cheese becomes slightly pungent, adding another layer of complexity to its taste.
  • Pairings: Bath Soft Cheese pairs well with fresh fruit and crusty bread. In terms of wine, it complements light white wines or sparkling wines, which help to cut through the richness of the cheese and balance out its flavors.
  • Overall Impression: Bath Soft Cheese is a gourmet cheese that offers a unique tasting experience. Its combination of creamy texture, delicate flavor, and complex maturity make it a true delight for cheese lovers.

What pairs well with Bath Soft Cheese

Food that goes well with Bath Soft Cheese

BreadsBaguette, sourdough, whole grain bread, crackers
FruitsGrapes, apples, pears, figs
NutsAlmonds, walnuts, hazelnuts
MeatsProsciutto, salami, smoked salmon
CondimentsHoney, fruit preserves, chutneys
VegetablesRoasted bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, olives
SweetsDark chocolate, dried fruits like apricots and dates

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Beverage that goes well with Bath Soft Cheese

White WinesChardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris
Red WinesLight-bodied Pinot Noir, Beaujolais
Sparkling WinesChampagne, Prosecco, Cava
BeersBelgian-style ale, Wheat beer, Pale ales
CidersDry apple cider, Pear cider
Non-Alcoholic DrinksSparkling water, Apple juice, Grape juice

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