Bleu de Gex Haut-Jura (FRANCE)

Bleu de Gex (FRANCE) - Cheese Origin
Country of OriginFrance
RegionJura, Franche-Comté
AgeAround 2 to 3 months
ClassificationBlue, semi-soft
MilkCow’s milk
Weight and shape5 to 6 kg (11 lb to 13 lb, 3 oz), Wheel
Fat content23%
SizeDiameter 30 cm, Height 7.5 to 30 cm
AromaMild, nutty, cellar, earthy
TasteAcidic, savory, nature, buttery, creamy
PairingRegional red wine such as Beaujolais or Burgundy
TextureCreamy, crumbly dense, supple
ColorPaste: butter-yellow to ivory (with greeny-blue veins); Rind: brown 

Blue du Gex Haut Jura, also known as Bleu de Gex (for short) or Bleu de Septmoncel, is an unusual dense blue cheese that was granted AOC status in 1977.

The cheese is produced in small traditional dairy farms using milk from two different breeds of cows grazing the pastures of the Jura alps.

Did you know?
Blue du Haut Jura’s rind must have the word Gex embossed on it because it is AOP protected – which proves the origin of the milk and that the cheese is produced at the highest standard.

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Bleu de Gex Tasting Notes

The Jura mountains grasses and flowers (which pass through the milk) gives the cheese its soft interior with mild, acidic, nutty and buttery taste accompanied by hints of spicy, peppery notes that come from the greeny-blue veins.

This results in a pleasant and balance flavor which makes this a highly sought-after cheese in Europe.

How to Enjoy (PAIRING)

It goes well with boiled potatoes, pastas and most gratin dishes. Furthermore, it can be used in fondues (though not as popular).

You can also pair this cheese with plain gluten-free rice crackers for a quick and easy snack.

For the best wine pairing, go for fruity regional red wine such as Beaujolais or Burgundy.

Our favorite plain gluten-free rice crackers to go along with Bleu de Gex:

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