What is Katiki Domokou? A Culinary Emblem of Domokos, Greece

Katiki Domokou (GREECE) - Cheese Origin

With its creamy white texture and a unique blend of goat and sheep milk, Katiki Domokou represents a rich Greek tradition that has been passed down through generations. Hailing from the plateau of Orthis in the region of Domokos, Katiki Domokou is a testament to the area’s unique climate and traditional farming practices.

This cheese boasts a low sodium and fat content, making it not only delicious but also a healthier choice. Its versatile nature allows it to complement a variety of dishes, from toast and crackers to Greek salads.

Quick Facts About Katiki Domokou

Country of OriginGreece
AOPSince 1996
ClassificationFresh cheese, rindless
MilkPasteurized Domokos goat’s and/or sheep’s milk (30% maximum)
Fat content8% to 14%
TastePleasant, rich in flavor, mild saltiness, acidity, a hint of sourness
AromaMild, fresh
PairingToast, dakos, Greek salad, pitta bread, honey
Beverage pairingWhite wine, retsina (resinous wine)

What is Katiki Domokou?

Katiki Domokou is a captivating cheese originating from Greece, specifically the town of Domokos in the Phthiotis prefecture. This cheese, named after its place of origin, has become a staple in Greek cuisine and has started to gain international recognition for its unique texture and flavor profile.

This creamy white cheese is produced exclusively from the milk of sheep and goats that are traditionally raised in Domokos. Their diet, influenced by the local flora, contributes significantly to the distinctive taste of Katiki Domokou. The cheese-making process involves a careful balancing of humidity and dry fat content, resulting in a cheese that is light, creamy, and spreadable.

What sets Katiki Domokou apart is its relatively low-fat content, despite its creamy consistency. It’s made from 100% pure sheep & goat milk from certified farms, ensuring adherence to traditional recipes. The cheese also has a notably low salt content, making it a popular choice for those who prefer less salty cheeses.

Katiki Domokou is a versatile cheese that can be incorporated into a wide array of dishes. From being spread on toast or crackers to being used in salads or other Greek delicacies, its mild yet unique flavor enhances the overall culinary experience.

To summarize, Katiki Domokou is more than just a cheese – it’s a piece of Greek heritage and a celebration of the rich culinary traditions of the country. Whether you’re a cheese enthusiast looking for new flavors to explore or a foodie seeking a unique culinary adventure, Katiki Domokou is a cheese you won’t want to miss.

What Does Katiki Domokou Taste Like?

Katiki Domokou has a soft consistency and introduces a light sour flavor that is pleasantly enjoyable. The aroma of Katiki Domokou is as appealing as its taste, exuding a mild and milky scent.

The cheese is characterized by a mild aroma with a hint of sourness, making it stand out in the world of cheeses.

This traditional light cheese, with only 13% fat, has a unique texture and a pleasant aroma that can be quite enticing. Despite its creamy consistency, Katiki Domokou maintains a maximum moisture level of 75% and a dry fat content of 40%.

In summary, Katiki Domokou is a creamy white cheese that provides a distinctive flavor experience. Its unique texture, combined with a pleasant flavor, encapsulates the authentic taste of Greece. With a salt content of just 1%, this cheese is a must-try for cheese enthusiasts.

Katiki Domokou Tasting Notes

  • Texture: Katiki Domokou has a soft, creamy texture that makes it highly spreadable. It’s light on the palate and easily complements various dishes.
  • Flavor: This cheese introduces a mild sour flavor that is both distinctive and enjoyable. The balance between sourness and creaminess offers a unique flavor profile.
  • Saltiness: Despite its rich flavor, Katiki Domokou has a low salt content, making it ideal for those who prefer less salty cheeses.
  • Fat Content: Katiki Domokou is a low-fat cheese, with a fat content ranging between 10%-14%. Despite its creamy consistency, it maintains a relatively light feel.
  • Aroma: Katiki Domokou emits a mild, milky aroma which adds to its overall sensory experience.
  • Aftertaste: The aftertaste of Katiki Domokou is subtly tangy, leaving a pleasant lingering flavor in the mouth.
  • Pairings: This cheese pairs well with various foods, including toast, crackers, pitas, and salads. Its versatility allows it to enhance the flavor of many dishes.

What Pairs Well With Katiki Domokou?

Katiki Domokou pairing

Food that goes well with Katiki Domokou:

BreadsPita bread, Rye bread, Multigrain bread, Crackers, Toast
Fruits and VegetablesTomatoes, Cucumbers, Bell peppers, Olives, Figs, Grapes
MeatsGrilled chicken, Lamb, Prosciutto
SeafoodShrimp, Salmon, Anchovies
Grains and PastaCouscous, Orzo, Quinoa
Nuts and SeedsAlmonds, Walnuts, Sesame seeds
Herbs and SpicesOregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Mint
CondimentsOlive oil, Balsamic vinegar, Honey
DessertsBaklava, Greek yogurt with honey

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Beverage that goes well with Katiki Domokou:

White WinesSauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling
Red WinesPinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
Rose WinesDry Rosé, Provence Rosé
Sparkling WinesChampagne, Prosecco, Cava
BeersWheat Beer, Pilsner, Pale Ale
Non-AlcoholicSparkling Water, Fresh Lemonade, Herbal Tea

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