5 Most Popular Cheeses Originated in Portugal

5 Most Popular Cheeses Originated in Portugal - Cheese Origin

Welcome to a gastronomic journey that will take us through the rolling hills, rugged mountains, and sun-kissed plains of Portugal, all through the medium of cheese. Portugal, a country with a rich culinary tradition, is home to a variety of unique and delectable cheeses that are as diverse as the landscapes from which they originate.

CheeseShort DescriptionTasting Profile
Serra da EstrelaA famous cheese made from sheep’s milk in the Serra da Estrela region. It is known for its creamy texture.This cheese has a buttery and slightly tangy flavor with a hint of wooly sheep’s milk. It melts in your mouth, leaving a wonderful lingering aftertaste.
Serpa CheeseA semi-soft cheese hailing from the district of Beja. It’s made from sheep’s milk and uses vegetable rennet.Serpa Cheese has a strong, slightly spicy flavor and a creamy, unctuous texture. The aroma is grassy with a hint of thistle flower from the rennet.
Cabra TransmontanoAn extra-hard cheese made from goat’s milk, originating from northern regions of Portugal.This cheese has a slightly piquant flavor with a hint of sourness. It’s crumbly yet creamy, with a distinct goaty aroma.
Rabacal CheeseA hard white cheese produced near Coimbra.Rabacal has a unique combination of sweet and salty flavors. Its texture is firm yet buttery, and it has a mild aroma of sheep’s milk.
Queijo de AzeitãoA cheese made from sheep’s milk from the Azeitão region. Known for its creamy texture.Queijo de Azeitão has a rich, buttery flavor with a slight tang. It’s creamy and spreadable, with a full-bodied aroma that reflects its strong flavor profile.

1. Serra da Estrela Cheese

Serra da Estrela Cheese
  • Milk Type: Sheep’s milk
  • Taste: Buttery and slightly tangy, with a hint of wooly sheep’s milk
  • Texture: Creamy and soft, it melts in your mouth
  • Food Pairing: Pairs well with fresh fruit like apples and pears or crusty bread
  • Wine Pairing: Pairs best with full-bodied red wines or sweet dessert wines

Serra da Estrela Cheese is a true gem from the mountainous regions of Portugal. This artisanal cheese, made from sheep’s milk, is renowned for its creamy, velvety texture that melts in your mouth. Its rich, buttery flavor is subtly balanced with a hint of tanginess that leaves a lasting impression on the palate.

Crafted using time-honored techniques passed down through generations, Serra da Estrela is more than just a cheese; it’s an embodiment of Portuguese culinary heritage. Whether spread over a piece of crusty bread or savored on its own, this cheese promises a sublime experience that transcends the ordinary.

2. Serpa Cheese

Serpa Cheese
  • Milk Type: Sheep’s milk
  • Taste: Strong, slightly spicy flavor with a hint of grassiness
  • Texture: Semi-soft and creamy
  • Food Pairing: Great with rustic bread, fig jam or honey
  • Wine Pairing: Best paired with robust red wines from Alentejo region

Serpa Cheese is a captivating delight from the sun-drenched plains of Alentejo, Portugal. Made from raw sheep’s milk, this semi-hard cheese is left to mature in traditional cellars, where it develops a uniquely robust and slightly spicy flavor.

The outer rind carries the aroma of the local herbs, while the inside reveals a soft, almost creamy texture that beautifully contrasts with its strong taste. A slice of Serpa Cheese takes you on a journey through Portugal’s rich culinary landscape, offering an unforgettable gastronomic adventure with every bite.

3. Cabra Transmontano Cheese

Cabra Transmontano Cheese
  • Milk Type: Goat’s milk
  • Taste: Slightly piquant with a hint of sourness
  • Texture: Extra-hard yet crumbly
  • Food Pairing: Perfect with rye bread and olives
  • Wine Pairing: Pairs well with light, fruity white wines

Cabra Transmontano Cheese is a distinctive product hailing from the rugged northern regions of Portugal. Made exclusively from the milk of the local Transmontana goats, this cheese is a testament to the hardiness of its origin. It features a firm yet crumbly texture and a slightly tangy flavor that resonates with the natural diversity of its homeland.

The nutty undertones and a slight hint of sweetness round off the taste profile, making Cabra Transmontano a truly unique and enjoyable cheese. Whether it’s enjoyed as part of a cheese platter or paired with a glass of Portuguese wine, it’s sure to delight those who appreciate artisanal cheeses.

4. Rabacal Cheese

Rabacal Cheese
  • Milk Type: Sheep’s milk and sometimes mixed with goat’s milk
  • Taste: Unique combination of sweet and salty flavors
  • Texture: Firm yet buttery
  • Food Pairing: Delicious with fresh figs or quince jam
  • Wine Pairing: Pairs nicely with medium-bodied red wines

Rabacal Cheese is a delightful culinary treasure from the heartland of Portugal. This semi-hard cheese, crafted from a blend of sheep’s and goat’s milk, offers a complex flavor profile that is both earthy and subtly sweet. Its texture is pleasantly firm, yet yields to reveal a creamy richness that is characteristic of its careful maturing process.

The slight herbal notes are a testament to the lush pastures where the animals graze. Enjoying a piece of Rabacal Cheese is akin to taking a flavorful journey through the pastoral landscapes of Portugal, making it a must-try for all cheese enthusiasts.

5. Queijo de Azeitão

Queijo de Azeitão
  • Milk Type: Sheep’s milk
  • Taste: Rich, buttery flavor with a slight tang
  • Texture: Creamy and spreadable
  • Food Pairing: Goes well with crusty bread or with a drizzle of honey
  • Wine Pairing: Pairs well with full-bodied red wines or dry white wines
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Queijo de Azeitão is a true gem from the beautiful region of Azeitão in Portugal. This artisanal cheese, made exclusively from raw sheep’s milk, captivates with its creamy, buttery texture and intense flavor. Its rich taste is a harmonious blend of slight tanginess, balanced by a sweet, lingering finish that reminds you of the pastoral serenity of its origin.

Encased in a soft, edible rind, Queijo de Azeitão is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship of Portuguese cheesemakers. Whether spread on a slice of rustic bread or savored on its own, this cheese promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Portugal’s rich culinary landscape is beautifully mirrored in its diverse array of cheeses. The creamy Serra da Estrela, born in the mountains and valleys of Viseu and Guarda, is a testament to age-old traditions passed down through generations. The robust Serpa, with its strong flavor, carries the essence of Alentejo’s cultural heritage. The slightly tangy Cabra Transmontano, hailing from the rugged northern regions, reflects the resilience of its terrain.

The unique sweet-salty Rabacal, originating from the province of Beira Litoral, showcases the versatility of Portuguese cheese-making. Finally, the Azeitão, with its rich, buttery flavor, takes us back to the 19th century, when it was first crafted by Gaspar Henriques de Paiva. Each cheese is a slice of Portugal’s vibrant history and culture, offering a delightful gastronomic journey for all who savor them.

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