What is Ticklemore Cheese? A Taste of Devon’s Artisanal Mastery

What is Ticklemore Cheese? A Taste of Devon's Artisanal Mastery - Cheese Origin

Ticklemore Cheese is a testament to the artisanal prowess of Devon’s cheesemakers. It’s a delightful, semi-hard goat’s cheese that showcases the region’s dairy mastery. Handcrafted in the rolling hills of Devon, England, Ticklemore Cheese is a carefully matured, crumbly delicacy with a distinctive, slightly sweet, and tangy flavor profile.

Encased in a unique, natural rind, it’s a cheese that not only pleases the palate but also tells a story of tradition, skill, and the rich grazing pastures of Devon.

Quick Facts About Ticklemore Cheese

Quick FactsDetails
OriginDevon, England
Made fromGoat’s milk
Cheese typeSemi-hard
TasteMild, with a subtle hint of lemon and herbs
TextureMoist, crumbly, and slightly grainy
ColorWhite to pale yellow
RindNatural and edible
Aging timeMinimum of 2 months
Best paired withFresh fruits, crusty bread, dry white wine
AwardsBritish Cheese Award, World Cheese Award
Shelf lifeApproximately 4 weeks
Suitable for vegetariansYes
ProducersTicklemore Cheese Company
Serving temperatureRoom temperature
StorageRefrigerated, in wax paper or cheese paper

What is Ticklemore Cheese?

What is Ticklemore Cheese?

Ticklemore Cheese is an artisanal delight that hails from the picturesque landscapes of Devon, England. Handcrafted by skilled cheesemakers at Sharpham Dairy, this cheese is a testament to the region’s rich dairy heritage. Made from pasteurized goat’s milk, Ticklemore stands out with its unique basket-mould shape that speaks volumes about its handcrafted origins.

A vegetarian cheese, Ticklemore has a mild, fresh, and subtly sweet taste that makes it a crowd-pleaser. This semi-hard cheese is light and delicate, with small holes adding to its charming appearance. The flavor profile is further enhanced with a hint of lemon, making it a versatile addition to any cheese platter.

One of the distinguishing features of Ticklemore cheese is its natural bloom rind, encasing the white to pale yellow interior. The texture of this cheese softens and becomes richer with aging, offering a mouthfeel that is moist, crumbly, and slightly grainy. It’s not just the taste that has won Ticklemore accolades; it’s also the versatility of this cheese in culinary applications. From summer salads and pasta dishes to melting atop pizzas or risottos, Ticklemore adds a delightful twist to any recipe.

Produced by Ticklemore Cheese Dairy, which is renowned for its artisan blue cheeses, Ticklemore is a two-star winner at the Great Taste Awards. This cheese’s popularity extends beyond Devon, finding its way to cheese lovers’ hearts across the globe. Whether you prefer it on a cheese board, paired with a dry white wine, or as a gourmet ingredient in your favorite recipe, Ticklemore Cheese is a celebration of artisanal cheesemaking at its finest.

What Does Ticklemore Cheese Taste Like?

Ticklemore Cheese has a mild, fresh, and subtly sweet flavor profile. The paste of the cheese is snowy white, dotted with small “eyes” or holes, which adds to its visual appeal.

One of the standout features of Ticklemore Cheese is its slightly citrusy undertone. This hint of lemon adds a refreshing twist to the cheese, making it perfect for a summer cheese board. Along with this citrusy note, Ticklemore also carries herbal notes, adding depth and complexity to its flavor.

Despite being a goat’s cheese, Ticklemore doesn’t have a strong ‘goaty’ taste. Instead, it combines light, gently lemony flavors with herbaceous notes, offering a balanced and enjoyable taste experience. As the cheese ages, these flavors deepen, and the cheese becomes even more delicious.

The rind of Ticklemore Cheese also contributes to its overall taste. It has a natural bloom, and beneath it hides the white, crumbly paste of the cheese. The texture is creamy and sweet in the mouth, with a fresh citrusy aroma complementing the delicate goat’s milk flavor.

Ticklemore Cheese Tasting Notes

  • Flavor Profile: Mild, fresh, and subtly sweet, not overly ‘goaty’.
  • Citrus Undertones: Slight hint of lemon, adding a refreshing twist.
  • Herbal Notes: The presence of herbaceous notes, adds depth to the flavor.
  • Texture: Semi-hard, moist, creamy, crumbly and slightly grainy.
  • Rind Contribution: Natural rind adds earthiness to the overall taste.
  • Color: White to pale yellow, visually appealing with small holes.
  • Aging Impact: Flavor deepens and becomes richer with aging.
  • Serving Temperature: Best served at room temperature.

10 Best Ticklemore Cheese Substitutes

FetaA Greek cheese made from sheep’s or goat’s milk. It has a crumbly texture and tangy flavor, making it a good substitute for Ticklemore.
ChevreA French goat’s cheese with a creamy texture and mild, slightly tart flavor that can replace Ticklemore in many dishes.
Sainte MaureAn artisanal French goat’s cheese that offers a similar texture and flavor profile as Ticklemore.
CheddarWhile not a goat’s cheese, its versatility and mild flavor make it a possible substitute for Ticklemore in cooking.
MozzarellaA mild Italian cheese that can be used as a substitute in recipes where Ticklemore is meant to be melted.
ManchegoA Spanish sheep’s milk cheese with a firm texture and nutty flavor, a good alternative to Ticklemore in a cheese platter.
Ricotta SalataAn Italian sheep’s milk cheese that’s firm and salty. It’s a good substitute when you need a grating cheese instead of Ticklemore.
RoquefortA French blue cheese made from sheep’s milk. It can replace Ticklemore in recipes needing a strong, tangy flavor.
Pecorino RomanoA hard, salty Italian cheese made from sheep’s milk, suitable for grating over pasta or salads in place of Ticklemore.
GoudaA Dutch cheese with a mild, sweet flavor and smooth texture, ideal as a substitute for Ticklemore in sandwiches or cheese boards.

What Pairs Well With Ticklemore Cheese?

What Pairs Well With Ticklemore Cheese?

Food that goes well with Ticklemore Cheese:

CategoryFood PairingDescription
FruitsApples and PearsThe sweet, crisp flavors of apples and pears complement the mild and slightly citrusy flavor of Ticklemore cheese.
Breads/CrackersRustic Sourdough or Multigrain CrackersTheir hearty textures and flavors serve as a great base for the creamy and crumbly Ticklemore.
CharcuterieProsciutto or SalamiThe saltiness of these cured meats contrasts nicely with the mild and slightly sweet Ticklemore cheese.
NutsAlmonds or WalnutsThese nuts add a crunch and slightly bitter taste that works well with the creamy and mildly sweet Ticklemore.
CondimentsFig Jam or HoneyThe sweetness of these condiments balances the tanginess of Ticklemore cheese, enhancing its flavor.
VegetablesGrilled Asparagus or Roasted Red PeppersThe flavors of these vegetables are enhanced by the mild and creamy Ticklemore cheese.
DessertsDark Chocolate or Fresh BerriesThe bitterness of dark chocolate or the tartness of berries pairs well with the mild and sweet Ticklemore cheese.

Beverage that goes well with Ticklemore Cheese:

CategoryBeverage PairingDescription
WineDry White Wine or Light Red WineThe acidity of a dry white wine or the fruity notes of a light red can cut through the creaminess of Ticklemore, offering a pleasant contrast.
BeerBelgian Wheat Beer or English Pale AleThese beers have either the citrusy notes or the bitter hoppiness to balance the creamy and slightly sweet flavor of Ticklemore.
CiderDry Apple CiderThe crisp, tart flavors of a dry apple cider pairs nicely with the mild and slightly tangy Ticklemore.
SpiritsGin or VodkaThe botanicals in gin or the clean taste of vodka can provide a nice counterpoint to the creamy Ticklemore cheese.
Non-alcoholicSparkling Water or Grape JuiceThe carbonation in sparkling water or the sweetness in grape juice can cleanse the palate and enhance the flavor of Ticklemore.
TeaGreen Tea or Chamomile TeaThe light, floral notes in these teas complement the mild flavor and creamy texture of Ticklemore.
CoffeeMedium Roast CoffeeThe balanced flavor and acidity of a medium roast coffee pairs well with the creaminess and slight tanginess of Ticklemore cheese.

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