What is Monte Enebro? The Tangy Temptation

What is Monte Enebro? The Tangy Temptation - Cheese Origin

Welcome to the world of Monte Enebro, the tangy temptation from Spain! This artisanal cheese is a true delight for the senses, offering a complex flavor profile that will captivate your palate. Crafted in the heart of Avila, Monte Enebro is a standout amongst Spanish cheeses with its distinctive, mold-ripened rind and creamy, slightly acidic taste.

Often considered a gourmet delight, Monte Enebro’s unique character is reflected not only in its bold flavors but also in its striking appearance. Its allure lies in its ability to offer a symphony of tastes – a tangy bite, a hint of mushroom, and a finish that leaves a lingering echo of its presence.

Quick Facts About Monte Enebro

Quick FactDetail
OriginFrom the region of Avila, Spain
Cheese TypeSoft, artisanal goat cheese
Milk TypePasteurized goat’s milk
TextureCreamy and dense with a slightly crumbly center
RindAsh-covered with blue mold
ColorWhite interior with grey-blue rind
FlavorComplex; tangy, citrusy, with a hint of mushroom
AromaMildly pungent
Aging Time1-2 months
PairingsPairs well with white wine, fresh fruits, and crusty bread
ProducerRafael Baez and his daughter Paloma
AwardsGold Medal at the 2003 World Cheese Awards
Shelf LifeBest consumed within 2 weeks after opening
Serving TemperatureBest served at room temperature
StorageStore in cheese paper or wax paper in the refrigerator
Unique FeatureKnown for its strong, blue flavor despite not being a traditional blue cheese
AvailabilityAvailable year-round
UseIdeal for tapas, cheese boards, or melted over grilled vegetables

What is Monte Enebro?

What is Monte Enebro?

Nestled within the rustic landscapes of Avila, Spain, lies a culinary treasure that has been delighting cheese connoisseurs for decades: Monte Enebro. Crafted with passion and precision by Rafael Baez and his daughter Paloma, this artisanal goat cheese is a testament to the rich cheesemaking heritage of Spain.

Monte Enebro stands out in the world of cheese with its distinctive ash-covered rind, which develops a beautiful blue mold as it ages. But don’t be fooled, this is not your traditional blue cheese. It’s a soft, creamy delight, with a slightly crumbly center that melts in your mouth, revealing a symphony of flavors. The tangy, citrusy notes are balanced beautifully by an underlying hint of mushroom, creating a flavor profile that is as complex as it is captivating.

The journey of each Monte Enebro cheese begins in the lush, green pastures of Avila, where goats graze freely on a diet of fresh grass and herbs. This diet lends the cheese its unique taste and aroma. The cheese is then aged for 1-2 months, during which it develops its characteristic texture and flavor.

When it comes to serving Monte Enebro, simplicity is key. Let the cheese take center stage on a cheese board, paired with a crisp white wine, fresh fruits, and crusty bread. It can also be melted over grilled vegetables for a gourmet twist. Best consumed within two weeks of opening, Monte Enebro is a cheese that invites you to savor every bite.

From its unique flavor and texture to its artisanal production process, Monte Enebro is more than just a cheese. It’s a slice of Spanish heritage, a celebration of traditional cheesemaking techniques, and a sensory experience that leaves a lasting impression. Whether you’re a seasoned cheese lover or a curious foodie, Monte Enebro is a cheese that promises to surprise and delight your palate.

What Does Monte Enebro Taste Like?

Monte Enebro carries an earthy taste, reminiscent of mushrooms and other robust flavors from nature. As you savor it, you’ll notice a creamy, lemony, and slightly acidic undertone that becomes more intense as the cheese ages.

The texture of Monte Enebro is dense, akin to a finely textured putty or a rich cheesecake. This density carries the robust earthy flavors throughout the cheese, offering a unique gastronomic experience. As you get closer to the rind, the flavor becomes more pungent and intense, a testament to the cheese’s artisanal aging process.

One of the strongest cheeses in the world of Spanish cheese, Monte Enebro is not for the faint-hearted. It’s tangy and spicy, with a flavor that is quite strong, especially when young. Yet, despite its boldness, it maintains a fine balance with its creamy and lemony notes.

The rind of Monte Enebro adds another layer of complexity to its flavor. It has a light blue cheese flavor that counters the inherent saltiness of the cheese’s interior. While it doesn’t completely balance out the cheese, it adds an intriguing contrast that makes each bite more interesting.

Monte Enebro Tasting Notes

Monte Enebro Tasting Notes
  • Texture: Dense, creamy, and slightly crumbly in the center.
  • Flavor: Earthy with a hint of mushrooms, balanced by tangy, citrusy undertones.
  • Intensity: Strong and robust, especially when young. The intensity increases near the rind.
  • Aroma: Mildly pungent with an earthy scent.
  • Rind Taste: Light blue cheese flavor that contrasts the interior’s saltiness.
  • Aftertaste: Lingering tanginess with a hint of spiciness.
  • Storage: Best stored in cheese or wax paper in the refrigerator.
  • Consumption: Best consumed within two weeks of opening and at room temperature for optimal flavor.

How to Eat Monte Enebro?

  • Cheese Board: Showcase Monte Enebro’s unique flavor on a cheese board with other Spanish cheeses, fresh fruits like figs and pears, and a selection of nuts.
  • Tapas: Include it as part of a tapas spread. Pair it with Spanish olives, cured meats, and crusty bread for an authentic experience.
  • Melted Over Dishes: Melt slices of Monte Enebro over grilled vegetables or roasted meats to enhance their flavors with the cheese’s earthy, tangy notes.
  • Wine Pairing: Complement its strong flavor with a glass of crisp white wine, such as Albariño or Verdejo.
  • Served with Bread: Enjoy Monte Enebro simply with slices of warm, crusty bread to truly savor its distinctive taste.
  • In Salads: Crumble it into salads for a gourmet touch. Its bold flavor pairs well with leafy greens, roasted beets, and vinaigrette dressings.
  • With Honey or Jam: For a sweet and savory treat, drizzle a bit of honey or a spoonful of fig jam over a slice of Monte Enebro.
  • Temperature: Let the cheese come to room temperature before eating to fully appreciate its complex flavor profile.
  • Tasting Order: If you’re having a cheese tasting, save Monte Enebro for last due to its strong flavor.
  • Storage: Store leftover Monte Enebro in cheese or wax paper in the refrigerator, but remember it’s best consumed within two weeks of opening.

10 Best Monte Enebro Substitutes

SubstituteOriginShort Description
GorgonzolaItalyA veined Italian blue cheese, made from unskimmed cow’s milk. It can be buttery or firm, crumbly and quite salty, with a ‘bite’ from its blue veining.
Gorgonzola DolceItalyA milder variant of Gorgonzola, it is sweet and creamy with a smooth, spreadable texture.
RoquefortFranceKnown as the ‘King of Cheeses’, Roquefort is a sheep milk cheese with a creamy texture and a sharp, tangy, and slightly salty taste.
MaytagUSAAn American blue cheese produced by the Maytag Dairy Farms, it has a crumbly texture and a rich, tangy flavor.
StiltonEnglandOften called the King of English cheeses, Stilton is a semi-soft, crumbly cheese with a rich and mellow flavor and a pungent aftertaste.
DanabluDenmarkAlso known as Danish Blue Cheese, it has a creamy and crumbly texture with a sharp and salty flavor.
Bleu d’AuvergneFranceThis French blue cheese is made from cow’s milk. It is strong and pungent in flavor but slightly less so than Roquefort.
CambozolaGermanyA combination of a French soft-ripened triple cream cheese and Italian Gorgonzola. It’s creamy with a mild and unique flavor.
Fourme d’AmbertFranceOne of France’s oldest cheeses, it is less intense and more approachable than most blue cheeses. It’s creamy with a lovely mild flavor.
DorbluGermanyA German blue cheese that is creamy, crumbly, and has a mild to sharp flavor depending on its age.

What Pairs Well With Monte Enebro?

What Pairs Well With Monte Enebro?

Food that goes well with Monte Enebro:

CategoryFood Pairings with Monte Enebro
Bread/BiscuitsBaguette, Ciabatta, Crackers, Focaccia
FruitsFigs, Pears, Grapes, Apples
MeatsProsciutto, Salami, Serrano Ham, Chorizo
VegetablesRoasted Red Peppers, Grilled Zucchini, Artichokes, Asparagus
Nuts & SeedsAlmonds, Walnuts, Pine Nuts, Pumpkin Seeds
Condiments & SpreadsHoney, Quince Paste, Fig Jam, Olive Tapenade
DessertsDark Chocolate, Almond Tart, Flan, Spanish Turron
SeafoodAnchovies, Smoked Salmon, Grilled Shrimp, Seared Scallops
Pasta & GrainsRisotto, Farro Salad, Gnocchi, Pasta with Cream Sauce
Herbs & SpicesRosemary, Thyme, Black Pepper, Paprika

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Beverage that goes well with Monte Enebro:

CategoryBeverage Pairings with Monte Enebro
White WineAlbariño, Verdejo, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc
Red WineRioja, Garnacha, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon
BeerBelgian Tripel, IPA, Stout, Wheat Beer
Non-AlcoholicSparkling Water, Grape Juice, Apple Cider, Herbal Tea
SpiritsSherry, Port, Whisky, Brandy
Dessert WineMoscato, Sauternes, Ice Wine, Tokaji
CiderDry Cider, Semi-Dry Cider, Perry, Fruit Cider
Fortified WineMadeira, Marsala, Vermouth, Vin Santo

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Monte Enebro cheese vegetarian?

Monte Enebro cheese is not considered vegetarian. This is because it contains animal rennet, an ingredient used in the cheese-making process that is derived from the stomach lining of ruminant animals.

2. Is Monte Enebro pasteurized?

Yes, Monte Enebro is a pasteurized cheese.

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