11 Best Crackers that Pair Well with Cheese

11 Best Crackers that Pair Well with Cheese Featured Image - CheeseOrigin.com

This post is all about the perfect pairing – crackers and cheese! This dynamic duo has been a classic favorite for centuries, offering a delightful blend of textures and flavors.

But have you wondered which cracker goes best with which type of cheese?

Whether you’re preparing an elegant cheese platter for a dinner party or simply want to enhance your snacking experience, choosing the right cracker can make all the difference.

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11 Delicious Crackers that Go Well with Cheese

Type of CrackerExample & Description
Buttery CrackersCabaret Buttery Original Crackers, Club crackers, Ritz crackers
Multigrain CrackersBreton Multigrain Crackers
Whole Wheat CrackersSuitable for aged cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano, Gouda, and Manchego
Water CrackersRecommended by multiple sources for their neutral taste
Herb CrackersAdds a hint of flavor to your cheese platter
Saltine CrackersGood for medium-strong cheeses
CrostiniA crunchy option for your charcuterie board
Wafer CrackersLight and crisp, pairs well with cheese
Sweet CrackersAdds a sweet contrast to the savory cheese
Hearty Fruity CrackersBrings a touch of sweetness and fruitiness to the platter
Artisan CrackersThese can vary in flavor and texture, offering a unique addition to the cheese platter

How to Pair These 11 Crackers with Different Cheeses

1. Buttery Crackers:

These pair well with sharp, aged cheeses like Cheddar or Gouda. The buttery flavor of the crackers complements the strong, rich taste of the cheese.

2. Multigrain Crackers:

These go well with creamy cheeses such as Brie or Camembert. The hearty texture of the crackers balances out the smoothness of the cheese.

3. Whole Wheat Crackers:

Whole Wheat are perfect for aged cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano, Gouda, and Manchego.

4. Water Crackers:

Their neutral taste makes them versatile. They pair well with both mild cheeses like Mozzarella and stronger ones like Blue Cheese.

5. Herb Crackers:

These add an extra layer of flavor and go well with mild, creamy cheeses like Goat Cheese.

6. Saltine Crackers:

These are great with medium-strong cheeses like Monterey Jack.

7. Crostini:

This crunchy option pairs excellently with spreadable cheeses like Ricotta or soft cheeses like Burrata.

8. Wafer Crackers:

Their lightness and crispness make them a good match for delicate, creamy cheeses like Boursin.

9. Sweet Crackers:

These provide a lovely contrast to salty, tangy cheeses like Blue Cheese or Feta.

10. Hearty Fruity Crackers:

These bring sweetness and fruitiness that pair well with nutty, aged cheeses like Gruyère or Swiss.

11. Artisan Crackers:

Depending on their flavor and texture, they can be paired with a variety of cheeses. For example, a seeded artisan cracker might pair well with a robust cheese like Cheddar.

Top 5 Crackers for Cheese Board & Why

1. La Panzanella Mini Croccantini:

These artisanal crackers are made with all-natural ingredients and are baked to a perfect, satisfying crunch. Their subtle flavor and light texture make them the perfect canvas for a range of cheeses, from soft, creamy brie to sharp, aged cheddar.

What sets these crackers apart is their delicate balance of saltiness, which enhances the flavor of the cheese without overpowering it. If you’re looking for a cracker that can hold its own with robust cheeses, this one’s a winner.

2. Carr’s Table Water Crackers:

Carr’s Table Water Crackers have been a staple on cheese boards for over a century, and for good reason.

Their mild flavor and crisp texture provide an excellent contrast to both hard and soft cheeses.

The simplicity of these crackers allows the flavors of your chosen cheeses to shine through. Plus, their round shape and distinctive packaging add an elegant touch to any cheese board.

3. Raincoast Crisps:

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These unique, fruit and nut-filled crackers bring a delightful sweetness and texture to the cheese board.

Each variety is filled with different combinations of dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, offering a unique flavor profile that pairs well with both tangy goat cheese and rich blue cheese.

I’ve had some memorable moments enjoying these with a glass of port and a slice of stilton.

4. Stonewall Kitchen Sea Salt Crackers:

These crackers offer a thick and crunchy texture with just the right hint of sea salt.

They are perfect for pairing with hearty, full-bodied cheeses such as Gouda or Comté. Their slightly earthy taste also complements the creamy, buttery flavors of softer cheeses like Camembert.

5. 34-Degrees Natural Crispbread Crackers:

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These thin, light crackers are a great choice if you want something that won’t compete with the flavors of your cheeses.

Despite their delicate appearance, they are sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest of toppings. Their neutral taste makes them a versatile choice that goes well with a wide range of cheeses, from mild mozzarella to tangy feta.

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4 Key Reasons Why Cheese and Crackers Go Well Together

  • Contrasting Textures: Cheese, especially when served at room temperature, tends to have a creamy, soft texture. Crackers, on the other hand, offer a crispy contrast. This combination of creamy and crunchy creates an enjoyable eating experience.
  • Complementing Flavors: The rich, often complex flavors of cheese are complemented by the relatively neutral flavor of crackers. This allows the taste of the cheese to shine. Some crackers also have flavors (like sea salt, herbs, or grains) that can further enhance the flavor of certain cheeses.
  • Palate Cleanser: Crackers serve as a palate cleanser between different types of cheeses. This helps prevent the flavors from blending together too much and allows you to fully appreciate each variety of cheese.
  • Convenience: Finally, cheese and crackers are easy to prepare and serve. They make for a quick snack, an appetizer, or even a light meal. Plus, the sturdiness of crackers makes them a perfect vehicle for serving and eating cheese.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do Cheese and Crackers Go Well Together?

Absolutely, cheese and crackers are a match made in culinary heaven! This classic pairing offers an array of textures and flavors that make it a timeless favorite.

From the sharp tang of Cheddar on a Pretzel cracker to the creamy Brie atop a crisp, there’s a combination to suit every palate.

Aged cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Gouda, and Manchego pair wonderfully with the hearty goodness of multigrain or whole wheat crackers.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try a drizzle of honey on a Graham cracker topped with Blue cheese?

Whether you prefer your crackers plain or flavored, there’s a cheese out there that will complement it perfectly.

So, regardless if you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet night in, remember – cheese and crackers do indeed go splendidly together.

2. Are Ritz Crackers Good with Cheese?

Yes, Ritz crackers are indeed good with cheese. Their signature buttery flavor and light, crisp texture make them an excellent companion to a variety of cheeses.

Some of the most popular cheese pairings with Ritz crackers include Cheddar, Swiss, and Pepper Jack, each offering a unique combination of flavors.

The buttery richness of Ritz crackers is particularly complementary to the sharpness of Cheddar or the spiciness of Pepper Jack. Additionally, they can be paired with cream cheese for a simple, classic snack.

However, it’s important to note that while delicious, Ritz crackers are not the healthiest choice due to their high carb and sodium content.

Moderation is key when enjoying this tasty snack pairing.

3. What Crackers Go with Brie?

Brie is a soft, creamy cheese that is known for its rich, buttery flavor. It pairs well with a variety of crackers.

Here are the top 5:

  1. Seeded Crackers: Seeded crackers have a nutty flavor and hearty texture that complements the creaminess of Brie. The seeds also add an extra crunch, which contrasts nicely with the softness of the cheese.
  2. Sea Salt Crackers: The light sprinkling of sea salt on these crackers enhances the rich flavor of Brie. They’re usually thin and crispy, providing a satisfying contrast to the smooth texture of the cheese.
  3. Whole Wheat Crackers: These crackers have a slightly sweet, nutty flavor that works well with Brie. They’re also sturdy enough to hold up to the cheese without becoming soggy.
  4. Multigrain Crackers: Multigrain crackers offer a complex flavor profile and a robust texture that pairs well with Brie.
  5. Nut and Rice Crackers: Nut and rice crackers provide a unique flavor and texture combination that goes well with Brie. The nuttiness of these crackers complements the richness of the cheese, while the rice gives them a light, crisp texture.

Conclusion: Happy Tasting

Finding the perfect cracker to complement your cheese can truly elevate your culinary experience. From the hearty texture of Multigrain Crackers, the subtle taste of Water Crackers, to the rich flavor of Buttery Crackers, each cracker brings its unique character to the table.

Whether you prefer a sweet touch with Fruit and Nut Crackers, or a savory delight with Herb Crackers, there’s a cracker for every cheese and palate.

Remember, the best pairings are those that please your taste buds. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and discover your own favorite combinations.

Happy tasting!

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