What is Affidelice Au Chablis? A Burgundy Delight

What is Affidelice Au Chablis? A Burgundy Delight - Cheese Origin

Dive into the world of French cheese with Affidelice Au Chablis, a true Burgundy delight! Hailing from the renowned Burgundy region of France, this cheese is nothing short of a gourmet’s dream. Bathed in the region’s famous Chablis wine, Affidelice Au Chablis offers a unique combination of creamy texture and sophisticated flavor that captivates your palate. It’s more than just a cheese – it’s an immersion into French culinary tradition.

Quick Facts About Affidelice Au Chablis

OriginBurgundy, France
Cheese TypeSoft, washed-rind
Milk TypeCow’s milk
TasteCreamy, with hints of fruit and wine
Aging Time4-6 weeks
PairingsChablis wine, crusty bread, fruits
TextureSmooth, semi-soft
ColorGolden rind with creamy interior
AromaStrong, characteristic of washed-rind cheeses
Wine WashWashed in Chablis wine during maturation

What is Affidelice Au Chablis?

What is Affidelice Au Chablis?

Affidelice Au Chablis is a remarkable delicacy hailing from the renowned region of Burgundy, France. Known for its soft and lactic curd, this cheese offers an unforgettable culinary experience. It boasts a smooth or slightly wrinkled crust, which ranges in color from ivory orange to brick red, presenting a feast for both the palate and the eyes.

Crafted from pasteurized cow’s milk, Affidelice Au Chablis stands out with its high-fat content of 55% and an appreciable calcium content of 26 mg. This cheese undergoes a maturation period of 3-4 weeks during the spring-fall season, resulting in a product that is full of depth and character.

One of the unique aspects of Affidelice Au Chablis is that it’s washed in Chablis wine, lending it a distinctive wine taste and an easily recognizable aroma. This process not only enhances the flavor profile but also contributes to the cheese’s characteristic appearance.

Despite its strong aroma and rich flavor, Affidelice Au Chablis is known to be better-mannered than its twin, Epoisses. Its aroma is less potent and leans more towards a mushroom-like scent, offering a pleasant surprise to the olfactory senses. With a sweet flavor similar to the mild Swiss cheese Emmenthal, Affidelice Au Chablis proves to be a versatile addition to any cheese platter.

What Does Affidelice Au Chablis Taste Like?

Affidelice Au Chablis has a creamy, semi-soft texture that melts in the mouth. The flavor is rich and complex, with a distinct taste of Chablis wine, owing to its unique aging process where it’s washed in this specific wine.

The initial taste of Affidelice Au Chablis is mild yet tangy, which gradually develops into deeper, savory notes. The cheese also carries hints of fruitiness, likely due to the wine washing, which adds a subtle sweetness to the overall flavor profile.

Despite its strong aroma, which is characteristic of washed-rind cheeses, the flavor of Affidelice Au Chablis is surprisingly balanced. There’s a delightful contrast between the robust, almost earthy taste of the rind and the sweet, creamy interior. The finish is long and lingers pleasantly, leaving behind a taste of cream and a hint of the Chablis wine it was bathed in.

It’s worth noting that the flavor can vary slightly depending on how mature the cheese is. Younger cheeses will have a more delicate, milky flavor, while older ones might develop more intense, pungent notes.

Affidelice Au Chablis Tasting Notes

  • Texture: Creamy and semi-soft, melts smoothly in the mouth.
  • Initial Flavor: Mild yet tangy, offering a gentle introduction to its complex taste profile.
  • Developing Notes: Develops into deeper, savory flavors as it rests on the palate.
  • Fruitiness: Subtle hints of fruitiness, likely a result of being washed in Chablis wine.
  • Balance: Despite its strong aroma, the flavor is surprisingly balanced with a robust, earthy taste from the rind contrasting the sweet, creamy interior.
  • Finish: Long-lasting, leaving behind a taste of cream and a hint of the Chablis wine it was bathed in.
  • Flavor Variation: Flavor can vary depending on the maturity of the cheese; younger cheeses have a more delicate, milky flavor, while older ones develop more intense, pungent notes.

Affidelice Au Chablis Substitutes

EpoissesAnother washed-rind cheese from Burgundy, Epoisses also has a creamy texture and strong aroma.Epoisses has a more potent aroma and stronger flavor compared to Affidelice Au Chablis.
ReblochonReblochon offers a similar semi-soft texture and is also made from cow’s milk.Reblochon is not washed in wine, so it lacks the distinctive wine flavor of Affidelice Au Chablis. It also has a nuttier flavor.
MunsterMunster is another washed-rind cheese with a strong aroma and creamy texture.While Munster has a similar texture, its flavor is more on the tangy side, and it lacks the wine notes of Affidelice Au Chablis.
TaleggioTaleggio shares the creamy texture and washed-rind character of Affidelice Au Chablis.Taleggio has a milder aroma and a slightly sweeter, fruitier flavor. It’s also Italian, not French.
CamembertCamembert offers a creamy texture and a mild flavor that can be a good stand-in for Affidelice Au Chablis.Camembert is not washed in wine and thus doesn’t have the distinctive wine flavor. Its flavor is also generally milder.

What Pairs Well With Affidelice Au Chablis?

CategoryPairs Well With Affidelice Au Chablis
WineChablis, Pinot Noir, or other light-bodied red or white wines with high acidity.
BeerBelgian-style ales, wheat beers, or craft beers with fruity notes.
BreadCrusty French baguette, sourdough, or other artisanal breads.
FruitsApples, pears, figs, and grapes. These fruits’ fresh and sweet flavors balance the cheese’s richness.
CharcuterieProsciutto, salami, or other cured meats. The saltiness of these meats complements the creaminess of the cheese.
NutsAlmonds, walnuts, or hazelnuts. Their crunch and slight bitterness provide a nice contrast to the cheese’s softness and richness.
Jams/PreservesFig jam, apricot preserves, or honey. Their sweetness balances the savory, tangy flavor of the cheese.
OlivesGreen or black olives. Their briny flavor pairs well with the full-flavored Affidelice Au Chablis.

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