What is Tomme de Chevre? A Taste of France’s Goaty Delight

What is Tomme de Chevre? A Taste of France's Goaty Delight - Cheese Origin

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of French gastronomy with Tomme de Chevre, a distinctively tangy and flavorful cheese hailing from the lush pastures of France. Known for its semi-soft texture and earthy rind, this goat’s milk cheese is a testament to the country’s centuries-old cheesemaking tradition.

A slice of Tomme de Chevre carries within it the essence of rural France — a delightful blend of pastoral freshness, nuanced flavors, and a hint of goaty sharpness that leaves an unforgettable imprint on the palate.

Quick Facts About Tomme de Chevre

Quick FactsAbout Tomme de Chevre
OriginSavoie, France
Milk TypeGoat’s Milk
FlavorSlightly sharp, nutty
AromaMild, slightly goaty
ColorGray to brown rind, white to yellow paste
Aging Period~3 months
PairingsFruits, nuts, light wines
NutritionHigh in protein and calcium

What is Tomme de Chevre?

What is Tomme de Chevre?

Tomme de Chevre is a traditional French cheese that hails from the Savoie region in the French Alps. Made from full-fat raw goat’s milk, this semi-hard cheese is steeped in rich culinary tradition and embodies the land where it is produced.

The cheese emits a robust goaty aroma, a prelude to its delightful flavors. It offers a flavor profile that mixes fruity notes reminiscent of fruits and hazelnuts, along with hints of lemon and notes of almonds and butter. Some varieties, like Tomme de Chevre Grand-Mere Adrienne, have a delicate, citrusy taste and are made with fresh, locally sourced goat’s milk.

Tomme de Chevre is also known for its unique texture and appearance. It is dense at the center, with a chalky minerality from the edible vegetable ash rind. It is aged for around three months, resulting in a hefty wheel of cheese that needs to be stored in a refrigerated environment.

This cheese is versatile and can be enjoyed in various ways. With its concentrated and strong flavors, it is a perfect addition to a cheese platter or can be melted into dishes for an added depth of flavor. Indeed, Tomme de Chevre is not just a cheese; it’s a gastronomic delight that brings a piece of French tradition to your table.

What Does Tomme de Chevre Taste Like?

Tomme de Chevre has a uniquely flavorful profile that is a true delight for cheese lovers. It possesses a slightly sharp and distinct taste that is characteristic of goat cheese. The flavor is often described as nutty, with a hint of fruitiness that adds a delightful complexity to its overall taste profile.

Some varieties of Tomme de Chevre offer subtle notes of lemon, almonds, and butter, adding a touch of richness to its taste. The cheese also features a pleasant tanginess and a mild saltiness that balances the overall flavor. As it ages, the taste becomes more pronounced and robust, while maintaining a delicate balance between its complex flavors.

The edible rind, which is usually gray to brown, adds a layer of earthiness to the cheese, enhancing its overall taste.

Tomme de Chevre Tasting Notes

  • Texture: Tomme de Chevre has a semi-soft texture, dense at the center and slightly crumbly near the edges.
  • Flavor: The cheese offers a slightly sharp, nutty flavor profile with a hint of fruitiness. Some varieties also feature subtle notes of lemon, almonds, and butter.
  • Tanginess: This cheese exhibits a pleasant tanginess that balances its overall flavor.
  • Saltiness: A mild saltiness can be detected in Tomme de Chevre, adding depth to its taste.
  • Rind flavor: The edible rind of Tomme de Chevre contributes an earthy taste to the cheese.
  • Aging notes: As it ages, the cheese’s flavors become more pronounced and robust, enhancing its complexity.

10 Best Tomme de Chevre Substitutes

ChevreAnother type of goat cheese that is soft and creamy. It has a tangy, mildly earthy flavor that can mimic Tomme de Chevre’s taste.
Feta CheeseA tangy and crumbly cheese made from sheep or goat’s milk. Its strong flavor can be a good stand-in for Tomme de Chevre.
CheddarThis cow’s milk cheese has a rich and nutty flavor. An aged cheddar can substitute the intense flavor of aged Tomme de Chevre.
GoudaA semi-hard cheese with a sweet and fruity flavor. The aged version can have a similar texture to Tomme de Chevre.
ManchegoA Spanish cheese made from sheep’s milk. It has a firm texture and a tangy, nutty flavor that can be a good substitute.
RoquefortA blue cheese with a strong and tangy flavor. It can replace Tomme de Chevre in recipes where a bold cheese flavor is needed.
BrieA soft and creamy cheese with a mild flavor. It can be used in recipes requiring a softer version of Tomme de Chevre.
CamembertThis cheese has a bloomy rind and creamy interior. It works well as a substitute where a milder flavor is desired.
Pecorino RomanoAn Italian cheese made from sheep’s milk. It has a salty and tangy flavor that can mimic the flavor profile of Tomme de Chevre.
Monterey JackThis cheese has a mild flavor and melts well, making it a good substitute in recipes requiring melted Tomme de Chevre.

What Pairs Well With Tomme de Chevre?

What Pairs Well With Tomme de Chevre?
CategoryPairs Well With Tomme de Chevre
FruitsApples, pears, and figs complement the tangy flavor of Tomme de Chevre. Dried fruits like apricots and cranberries also pair well.
NutsAlmonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts can add a delightful crunch and nutty flavor that complements the cheese.
Breads/CrackersRustic bread, baguettes, or whole-grain crackers serve as a good base for the cheese, allowing its flavors to shine.
MeatsProsciutto and other cured meats can balance the tangy flavor of Tomme de Chevre.
WinesLight-bodied wines like Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay, or fruity reds like Pinot Noir pair well with this cheese.
CondimentsHoney, jam, or fruit preserves can add a sweet contrast to the saltiness of the cheese.
VegetablesRoasted vegetables or fresh greens in a salad can be elevated with slices or crumbles of Tomme de Chevre.

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