What is Dirt Lover Cheese? The Taste of Tradition from Missouri

What is Dirt Lover Cheese? The Taste of Tradition from Missouri - Cheese Origin

Dirt Lover Cheese, a proud specialty from Green Dirt Farm in Missouri, is an exquisite culinary delight embodying tradition’s taste. This American cheese, crafted in the style of French ash-coated varieties like Selles-sur-Cher and Valençay, boasts a bloomy rind and a rich, buttery flavor profile.

Despite its subtle mushroom scent, this sheep’s milk cheese surprises with a bold earthy taste that’s nutty and tangy. Coated in vegetable ash, a centuries-old technique to control acidity, Dirt Lover offers a tartness that’s balanced by the light, lemony notes of its interior.

Quick Facts About Dirt Lover Cheese

Fact CategoryDetails
OriginWeston, Missouri, USA
ProducerGreen Dirt Farm
TypeSoft-ripened, ash-coated sheep’s milk cheese
Milk Source100% sheep’s milk
TextureCreamy and smooth
Flavor ProfileEarthy, tangy, with a hint of lemon
RindVegetable ash rind
Aging Period2-3 weeks
ShapeSmall wheel
Pairing SuggestionsLight-bodied red wines, stout beers, fresh fruits, honey
Awards‘Best in Class’ at the 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest
AvailabilityAll year round
Serving SuggestionsGreat for cheese boards, salads, or melted over vegetables

What is Dirt Lover Cheese?

What is Dirt Lover Cheese?

Dirt Lover Cheese is a unique, artisanal creation hailing from the heartland of America in Weston, Missouri. This exceptional cheese is the brainchild of Green Dirt Farm, a producer dedicated to sustainable farming and superior-quality dairy products.

Unlike your typical cheddar or mozzarella, Dirt Lover Cheese is a soft-ripened, ash-coated sheep’s milk cheese. Its distinctive ash rind lends it an earthy appeal that differentiates it from other cheeses. The taste is a delightful revelation – an intriguing blend of earthy, tangy notes with a hint of lemon. It’s a flavor profile that lingers pleasantly on the palate, inviting you to savor each bite.

The texture of Dirt Lover Cheese is creamy and smooth, a testament to its 100% sheep’s milk foundation. It’s carefully aged for 2-3 weeks, during which it develops its characteristic flavor and texture. Shaped like a small wheel, this cheese is as visually appealing as it is delicious.

Dirt Lover Cheese isn’t just unique; it’s award-winning! It clinched ‘Best in Class’ at the 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest. This cheese is available all year round, making it a versatile addition to any cheese lover’s collection.

Whether paired with light-bodied red wines, stout beers, fresh fruits or honey, Dirt Lover Cheese shines. It’s great for cheese boards or salads, and can even be melted over vegetables for a gourmet treat. With its unique qualities and versatile applications, Dirt Lover Cheese is a true culinary delight that every cheese enthusiast should experience.

What Does Dirt Lover Cheese Taste Like?

Dirt Lover Cheese is a unique cheese with a flavor profile that’s rich, earthy, and complex. Despite the absence of a strong mushroom smell, this cheese boasts an earthy taste that’s both rich and buttery. It has a nutty undertone that enhances its overall flavor.

As Dirt Lover ages, it develops a more intense flavor. The buttery, earthy taste becomes stronger and is complemented by a citrusy tang. Some even describe the taste as having beefy notes, adding another layer to its intricate flavor composition.

The texture of Dirt Lover Cheese is buttery, and it has a mushroomy taste that adds to its uniqueness. As it matures, its earthy tones become more prominent, making it even more flavorful and complex. The cheese also has a hint of lemon, giving it a cheery zest and balancing its rich flavors.

Dirt Lover Cheese Tasting Notes

  • Texture: Creamy and smooth, buttery consistency.
  • Flavor: Rich and complex with a dominant earthy taste.
  • Undertones: Nutty undertones that enhance the overall flavor.
  • Maturity: As it ages, the cheese develops a more intense, beefy flavor.
  • Citrusy Tang: A hint of lemon zest balances the rich flavors.
  • Rind: The vegetable ash rind adds to its earthy appeal.
  • Pairing: Pairs well with light-bodied red wines, stout beers, honey, and fresh fruits.
  • Serving Suggestions: Great addition to cheese boards, salads, or melted over vegetables.
  • Awards: ‘Best in Class’ at the 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest.
  • Availability: Available all year round.

10 Best Dirt Lover Cheese Substitutes

Humboldt FogThis goat cheese has a similar vegetable ash rind and a creamy texture that can mimic Dirt Lover. It also has a tangy flavor with floral notes.
Selles-sur-CherA French goat cheese with a distinctive ash rind and a slightly nutty flavor. It is less earthy but can serve as a suitable replacement.
ValençayAnother French cheese made of goat’s milk with an ash rind, offering a similar texture and tanginess.
Sainte Maure de TouraineA French goat cheese with a cylindrical shape and an ash coating. Its creamy texture and slightly nutty flavor can mimic Dirt Lover.
Crottin de ChavignolThis French goat cheese is less creamy but offers similar earthy and nutty flavors.
BûcheronA semi-aged goat cheese from France with a bloomy rind and a tangy flavor, it can provide a similar taste experience.
Chabichou du PoitouThis French cheese is made from goat’s milk and has a slightly crumbly texture. The flavor is less earthy but still tangy.
Bonne BoucheAn American goat cheese with an ash rind and a creamy texture. It has a mild, fresh flavor with a hint of pepper.
Monte EnebroA Spanish goat cheese with a strong and complex flavor. It’s less earthy but offers a similar tangy taste.
Pouligny-Saint-PierreA French goat cheese with a pyramid shape and an ash rind. It has a nutty flavor that can replace Dirt Lover’s unique taste.

What Pairs Well With Dirt Lover Cheese?

WinesLight-bodied red wines like Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay
BeersStout beers, Belgian ales, Wheat beers
FruitsApples, Pears, Berries, Figs
BreadsBaguette, Walnut bread, Olive bread
MeatsProsciutto, Salami, Soppressata
CondimentsHoney, Fig Jam, Mustard
NutsAlmonds, Walnuts, Pecans
Other CheesesBrie, Camembert, Roquefort
VegetablesArugula, Spinach, Roasted Bell Peppers

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