Top 12 Best Cheeses for Burgers

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Are you ready to take your burger game to the next level? If you’re tired of just slapping a slice of American cheese onto your patty, it’s time to mix things up with some of the best cheeses for burgers out there.

From gooey melted cheese to tangy crumbles, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 cheeses that will make your burger a masterpiece.

These cheeses not only add a new dimension of flavor to your burger, but they’ll also elevate its overall texture. So, without further ado, let’s get ready to drool over the best cheese for burgers!

12 Types of Cheese that are Best for Burgers

CheeseDescriptionBest for
American CheeseA classic choice for its exceptional meltability and creamy, mild flavor.Cheeseburgers, all-beef patty
CheddarGreat for burgers due to its sharp taste and good melting properties.Beef or pork patty
Monterey JackExcellent choice because of its smooth melting quality and mild, buttery flavor.Turkey or veggie patties
Pepper JackAdds a spicy kick to burgers while melting nicely, perfect for those who want a bit of heat.Black bean or chicken burgers
ProvoloneFavored for its great melting characteristics and slightly smoky flavor.Anything with mushroom and onion
Swiss CheeseOffers a nutty flavor and melts well, making it a versatile choiceClassic ham and cheese burger
GoudaGood because of its rich, sweet, and slightly fruity flavor, along with good melting properties.Bacon burger
Blue CheeseBrings a strong, tangy flavor that creates an interesting contrast with the savory patty of the burger.Buffalo chicken burger
BrieProvides a creamy, buttery texture and mild flavor that complements the robust flavors of a burger.Turkey burger
GruyèrePerfect choice due to its smooth melting quality and slightly sweet, nutty flavor.Caramelized onion burger
EmmentalerExcellent addition due to its superb melting capability and characteristic nutty taste.Classic Swiss and mushroom burger
ComtéElevates a burger with its exceptional meltability, nutty flavor, and a hint of sweetness.French onion burger

What is the Best Stretchy Cheese for Burgers?

Fontina cheese is considered the best stretchy cheese for burgers. It’s hardly ever mentioned with burgers, but if you want a gooey cheese with some stretch, you should go with Fontina.

It’s characterized as the most melty cheese, which can add a delicious and unique touch to your burger.

Is Cheddar or Mozzarella Better for Burgers?

Both cheddar and mozzarella have their own benefits when used in burgers.

Cheddar is highly recommended for its tangy character and umami that enhance the flavor of beef. It’s creamy, sharp, and melts beautifully. Its bold flavor makes it a popular choice for cheeseburgers.

On the other hand, mozzarella is highly recommended for its stretchy texture. While cheddar provides a sharper taste, mozzarella is softer and can give a unique touch to your burger.

So, the choice between cheddar and mozzarella for burgers largely depends on personal preference and the specific flavor profile you’re aiming for.

What is the Cheese Called on a Mcdonald’s Burger?

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The cheese used on a McDonald’s burger is their own blend of processed cheddar cheese. This blend consists of 60% cheddar cheese and 40% other ingredients.

It’s also worth noting that this American cheese is made and packaged specifically for McDonald’s.

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What is the Healthiest Cheese for Burgers?

There are several excellent options available:

  1. Mozzarella: Known for its high moisture content and soft texture, mozzarella is lower in calories and fat compared to many other cheeses. It melts beautifully, making it a great choice for any type of burger.
  2. Blue Cheese: Made from cow’s, goat’s, or sheep’s milk, blue cheese has a strong, tangy flavor. It’s typically crumbled on top of burgers, especially those with bold flavors like buffalo chicken.
  3. Cheddar: While cheddar can be higher in fat, opting for a younger cheddar with a high moisture content can make it a healthier option. It has a bold flavor that pairs well with beef and pork burgers.
  4. Swiss Cheese: Swiss cheese is a healthier option due to its lower sodium content compared to other cheeses. Its mild, nutty flavor works well with many types of burgers.
  5. Cottage Cheese: Although not a traditional choice for burgers, cottage cheese can be a healthy alternative. It’s high in protein and low in fat, especially if you choose the low-fat variety. You might enjoy it on a veggie or turkey burger.

Moderation is key when it comes to adding cheese to your burgers. Even the healthiest cheese can add significant calories and fat if used excessively.

Is Kraft Cheese Good for Burgers?

Yes, Kraft cheese is considered a good choice for burgers.

Particularly, Kraft Singles, a type of processed American cheese, are often highlighted as a classic option for cheeseburgers. Their creamy texture and mild flavor make them melt perfectly on a hot patty, enveloping it in a layer of cheesy goodness.

Kraft Deli Deluxe American is another good option. It’s praised for its taste when paired with chargrilled beef, making it an excellent choice for the ultimate cheeseburger.

While Kraft Singles and other processed cheeses sometimes get a bad reputation among cheese connoisseurs, they hold a cherished place in the realm of cheeseburgers.

The flavor and texture of melted American cheese on a burger can evoke a sense of nostalgia, and many people love it just as much as gourmet cheeses.

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The world of cheese is vast and varied, offering a plethora of options to elevate your burger experience.

From the creamy melt of American cheese to the bold tang of blue cheese, there’s a perfect cheese for every kind of burger out there.

Remember, the cheeses we’ve explored are just a starting point. Don’t be afraid to mix and match or try something new.

After all, the best cheese for your burger is ultimately the one that makes your taste buds dance with joy.

So next time you fire up the grill, reach for your favorite cheese, and get ready for a truly delicious culinary adventure.

Here’s to many more mouthwatering cheeseburgers in your future!

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