What Knives and Tools to Use When Serving Cheeses?

What Knives & Tools to Use When Serving Cheeses? - Cheese Origin

There are many knives and tools to use when serving or cutting cheeses but not all of them are suitable.

Using the wrong tool can result in an aesthetically damaged cheese.

The truth is, that choosing the right knives and tools can enhance your guest’s experience and help you appear more knowledgeable.

Here are the main ones…

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The 6 Cheese Knifes and Tools You Need to Know

1. Brie Knife

Brie knife allows you to cut many types of cheeses smoothly without damaging the interior.

2. Serving Knife

For serving, it is recommended to go for a thin knife with a large blade so that you can use the double-tip knife to serve gently without damaging both the external and internal areas of the cheese.

3. Cheese Plane

The cheese plane is the ideal tool for shaving dry or hard cheeses into sleek beautiful shavings.

4. Cheese Lyre

Also known as the roquefortaise, cheese lyre has a thin 0.3 to 0.5mm nylon wire with a pretty large handle.

5. Cleaver

Cleaver is the perfect tool for hard cheeses like Tomme Basque or Beaufort. The sturdy handle allows for easy slicing with no unwanted resistance.

6. Spoon

Spoon is an essential tool for creamy cheeses such as Mont d’Or or Torta del Casar.

What Type of Display Tray/Platter to Use When Serving Cheese?

The type of tray, platter, or board you use to serve cheese plays a crucial role in the overall experience.

It is important to select the right display for the right cheese.

Natural materials such as wood, slate, or ceramic are your best bet.

If you need a little inspiration, check out our favorite platter below…

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4 Other Interesting Tools and Gadgets for Cheese

1. Cheese Grotto

Cheese Grotto is usually made up of wooden storage that comes in different sizes. Its purpose is to hold and age cheese.

If you add in a clay brick moistened with water it can assist in stimulating the humid conditions in which cheeses thrive.

The humid environment will almost guarantee that your cut wedges and whole wheels always taste their best.

If you are interested in getting one, check out Jessica Sennett’s Grotto. She has the best Cheese Grotto in the market.

2. Microplane

Microplane is a fine-toothed handheld grate that allows you to create plenty of feather-fine shavings from hard cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Thinning shavings simply means more surface area which translates to more favorable cheese.

3. Girolle or Cheese Curler

The cheese curler has a rotating blade on a wooden surface and is ideal for shaving semi-firm cheeses like Tete de Moine with each turn.

4. Cheese Dome

A cheese dome helps to protect your cheese while it relaxes.

If you plan to eat your cheese within a day or two then this is the perfect tool. You certainly do not have to wrap your cheese with paper or plastic and refrigerate your cheese all over again.

Cheese dome usually comes with a glass cover and marble plate so it can protect your cheese without ‘stealing’ its flavor (like plastic or metal would).

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