What is Cheese Paper and Why You Should Use Them

What is Cheese Paper and Why You Should Use Them - Cheese Origin (UPDATED)

Your kitchen already has plenty of plastic wrap so why do you need to add cheese paper to the mix?

Cheese paper is a composite material – an outer wax-coated paper and an inner porous layer of plastic fused together. This combination creates the ideal environment for all kinds of cheeses ranging from bloomy bottom to a cut wedge of cheddar.

Cheese paper opacity blocks oxidizing light and is structured enough to protect cheeses without suffocating them.

Wrapping in cheese paper can also help to maintain humidity and release excess moisture to protect against the drying atmosphere of a refrigerator.

In short, cheese paper is a fortification that protects your cheese, at the same time allowing ample breathing space (remember cheese is alive! It needs to breathe) hence greatly extending its shelf life.

Did you know?
Wrapping cheese in plastic wrap causes your cheese to suffocate as it prevents oxygen from entering. Cheese breathes, sweats, and ages. Cheese is alive and it needs oxygen and airflow to thrive!

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Can You Reuse Cheese Paper?

Generally, you can reuse cheese paper as long as you are reusing it for the same type of cheese.

As soon as you notice some butterfat stains or if the paper is too crumpled to execute a proper fold then it is time for a new sheet.

Can Cheese Paper be Recycled?

Unfortunately, no.

Most cheese papers are made of Polyethylene, therefore, they are not recyclable.

Some manufacturers make cheese papers that are cellophane hence they are biodegradable and compostable in a commercial composting facility but they are still not recyclable.

Cheese that are already in brine (such as feta or fresh mozzarella) should be kept in the brine and not in cheese paper.

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Can You Use Cheese Paper on Other Foods?

Cheese paper is not merely for cheese, you can also use it for:

  • Charcuterie
  • Chocolate
  • Cookies
  • Sandwiches

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