Cheese Nips: A Bite-sized Exploration of Flavor and History

Cheese Nips - A Bite-sized Exploration of Flavor and History - Cheese Origin (EDITED)

Today, we’re diving into the world of a much-loved, bite-sized delight, Cheese Nips.

A cracker that has carved out its own niche in the American snack scene, Cheese Nips have a unique story that is as rich and layered as their cheddar flavor.

Join us as we journey through the origins, evolution, and curious trivia surrounding this iconic snack.

Quick Facts About Cheese Nips

Brand NameCheese Nips
ManufacturerNabisco, a subsidiary of Mondelez International
Type of SnackCheese-flavored crackers
Main IngredientsEnriched flour, canola oil, cheddar cheese
VarietiesOriginal, Cheddar, Four Cheese
Popular inUnited States
Serving SuggestionsAs a snack on its own, or with dips and spreads
Competitor BrandsCheez-It, Goldfish
Unique FeatureSquare shape with a round hole in the center
AvailabilityGrocery stores, online marketplaces

What is Cheese Nips?

Cheese Nips were a type of small, cheese-flavored cracker that was manufactured by Mondelez International, under its brand Nabisco. They were originally created to compete with similar products in the market. The crackers were made with real cheddar cheese and came in several varieties, including Original and Cheddar.

The crackers were popularly available in many stores and could be delivered on the same day through certain services. They also had a reduced-fat version which contained 40% less fat than the original Cheese Nips.

However, it’s important to note that Kraft Cheese Nips were discontinued over three years ago (in 2020), which has led to their slow disappearance from store shelves. This has left many fans seeking alternatives.

Despite their discontinuation, Cheese Nips have left a lasting impact on snack lovers, with their mild and savory flavor and distinctive texture.

Why Was Cheese Nips Discontinued?

Cheese Nips were discontinued in 2020, following a recall in 2019 due to the detection of harmful substances in specific packages of the product. The decision to discontinue Cheese Nips was made by Nabisco, which is owned by Mondelez International.

Another likely reason for the discontinuation was that companies reevaluated their product lines in response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on supply chains.

The discontinuation of Cheese Nips came as a surprise to many fans, who only realized the product was no longer available when it started disappearing from store shelves.

When Will Cheese Nips Be Available Again?

At the time of writing this post (September 25, 2023), there’s no official announcement from Nabisco or Mondelez International regarding the return of Cheese Nips to the market.

Fans of the snack have started petitions and social media campaigns urging Nabisco to bring back Cheese Nips, but it remains unclear if these efforts will result in the snack’s return.

With the product’s discontinuation, many fans are left seeking alternatives. There are other cheese-flavored crackers available in the market, but fans often mention that they do not quite match the unique taste and texture of Cheese Nips.

7 Best Cheese Nips Alternatives

Sure, here’s the updated table with Utz Cheese Balls added:

Cheese Nips AlternativesDescription
Better CheddarsThese crackers have been noted as being the closest to Cheese Nips in terms of flavor. They also have a flaky texture that many find pleasant.
Cheez-ItCheez-It’s are often compared to Cheese Nips, and while their taste is a bit different, they are a popular choice among cheese cracker enthusiasts.
Kale ChipsWhile not a cheese cracker, kale chips are a healthier alternative that can help satisfy a crunchy snack craving.
Trader Joe’s Cheddar Cheese RocketsThese crackers from Trader Joe’s have a cheddar flavor that might appeal to Cheese Nips fans.
Annie’s Organic Cheese CrackersAn organic option, these crackers are made with real cheese and offer a different flavor profile that might appeal to those seeking an alternative to Cheese Nips.
Cheese DoodlesCheese Doodles are a cheesy puff snack rather than a cracker, but their strong cheese flavor could be an enjoyable alternative for Cheese Nips fans.
Utz Cheese BallsAnother puffed snack alternative, Utz Cheese Balls offer a satisfying crunch and a robust cheesy flavor that may appeal to Cheese Nips aficionados.
Make Your Own Homemade Cheddar Cheese Nips: A Nostogic Recipe

Make Your Own Homemade Cheddar Cheese Nips: A Nostogic Recipe


  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, cold and cut into small cubes
  • 8 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, grated
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  • 2 tablespoons ice water

Equipment Needed:

  • Food processor
  • Rolling pin
  • Baking sheet
  • Parchment paper
  • Sharp knife or pizza cutter


  1. Combine Ingredients: In a food processor, combine the flour, butter, grated cheddar cheese, salt, and paprika. Process until the mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs.
  2. Add Water: Slowly add the ice water while pulsing the food processor until the dough comes together.
  3. Rest Dough: Remove the dough from the food processor, wrap it in plastic wrap, and chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour.
  4. Preheat Oven and Prepare Baking Sheet: Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C) and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  5. Roll Out Dough: On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough to about 1/8-inch thickness.
  6. Cut Out Crackers: Using a sharp knife or pizza cutter, cut the dough into small squares approximately 1-inch in size, similar to the size of store-bought Cheese Nips.
  7. Bake: Place the squares onto the prepared baking sheet and bake for around 15-20 minutes or until crispy and slightly golden. Let them cool completely on the baking sheet.

Allergy Substitutes:

  • For a gluten-free version, replace all-purpose flour with a gluten-free flour blend.
  • For a dairy-free version, use dairy-free cheese and butter substitutes.

Fun Variations:

  • Seasoning: Sprinkle some garlic powder, onion powder, or cayenne pepper into the dough for extra flavor.
  • Cheese Types: Try using different types of hard cheese like Gouda, Monterey Jack, or Colby.

Now, you can enjoy homemade Cheese Nips that are just as addictive as the original version.

What is the Difference Between Cheez-Its and Cheese Nips?

Comparison AspectCheez-ItsCheese Nips
ManufacturerManufactured by Sunshine BiscuitsMade by Nabisco
FlavorKnown for their cheesy and salty tasteHave a more subtle flavor. Some people find that Cheese Nips have a stronger cheese flavor
TextureMore texture presence, similar to salt presenceLess texture, likened to a saltine cracker

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What are Cheese Nips made of? The 5 Main Ingredients

  1. Unbleached Enriched Flour: This is a common ingredient in many types of crackers and other baked goods.
  2. Cheddar Cheese: Real cheddar cheese is used to give the crackers their distinctive cheese flavor.
  3. Soybean Oil: This is used in the baking process.
  4. Salt: Salt is used to enhance the flavor of the crackers.
  5. Spices: The exact spices used aren’t specified, but they likely contribute to the overall flavor of the crackers.

Cheese Nips Tasting Notes

  1. Cheddar Flavor: Cheese Nips were made with real cheddar cheese, giving them a distinct, savory cheese flavor.
  2. Crunchy Texture: The crackers were known for their satisfying crunch, which added to the eating experience.
  3. Lightly Salted: Like many cheese-flavored snacks, Cheese Nips had a slight saltiness that complemented the cheese flavor.
  4. Smooth Finish: Despite their crunchy texture, Cheese Nips had a smooth finish in the mouth.
  5. Slight Tanginess: Some consumers noted a slight tanginess to the crackers, likely from the cheddar cheese.
  6. Baked, Not Fried: Cheese Nips were baked, which may contribute to their lighter texture compared to fried snacks.

Where to Buy Cheese Nips Today?

  1. Amazon
  2. Big Lots
  3. Walmart
  4. Instacart
  5. Safeway
  6. Hy-Vee
  7. Albertsons

Note: availability may vary by location and time. It’s always best to check the individual websites for the most current stock levels and delivery options.

The History and Origin of Cheese Nips

The History and Origin of Cheese Nips

Cheese Nips, a popular American snack, have a long and interesting history. They were introduced in 1955 by the Nabisco Cracker Company, as a competitor to other cheese-flavored snacks in the market.

The Origins

The main ingredients of Cheese Nips – cheese, flour, and milk – have been staples in human diets for thousands of years. However, it wasn’t until the mid-20th century that they came together in the form of Cheese Nips. The concept of a cheese-flavored cracker was not new, with Cheez-Its being introduced in 1921, but Cheese Nips offered a slightly different flavor and texture that quickly gained popularity.

The Name and Branding

The name “Cheese Nips” is likely a play on the term “nips,” which means small bites or tastes, reflecting the snack’s small, bite-sized shape. Over the years, the branding of Cheese Nips evolved to emphasize its real cheddar cheese flavor and baked, not fried, preparation method.

The post-war era in America, when Cheese Nips were introduced, was characterized by a growing middle class and an increasing demand for convenience foods. Packaged snacks like Cheese Nips were perfect for busy families looking for quick and tasty snack options.

In the following decades, as health and wellness became more prominent cultural trends, Cheese Nips responded by introducing reduced-fat and whole-grain versions.

Trivia and Anecdotes

An interesting piece of trivia is that despite being competitors, Cheese Nips and Cheez-Its were actually made by companies that are now both owned by Mondelez International.

In conclusion, the history of Cheese Nips is a testament to the evolving tastes and preferences of American consumers. From its introduction in the mid-20th century to its various iterations over the years, Cheese Nips have been a staple in American pantries for decades.

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