Allgäuer Emmentaler PDO (GERMANY)

Allgäuer Emmentaler (GERMANY) - Cheese Origin
Country of OriginGermany
RegionBaden-Württemberg, Bavaria
Age3 to 6 months
MilkRaw cow’s milk
Fat content33% to 45%
Weight & thickness176 lb (80 kg); 110cm (43.33 inches)
SizeDiameter 90cm (35.5 inches); Height 110cm (43.5 inches)
Salt contentEvaporated salt approximately 1%  
TasteMild nutty (hazelnut in particular), milky, buttery
PairingWhite bread, fruit tea, spaetzle, crème fraîche, red wine
TextureFirm, supple
ColorGolden yellow

AOP since 1997, the Allgäu Emmentaler is kinda similar to the Swiss Emmentaler albeit they are smaller in sizes and ripens more quickly.

They are made with raw milk from the brown Allgäu cattle that graze the spring meadows that are rich in alpine flowers.

It is considered a domed cheese because of its affinage in warm caves, which promotes propionic fermentation responsible for the holes in its interior.

Allgäuer Emmentaler Tasting Notes

Allgäuer Emmentaler mature for at least 3 months when they are supple, golden yellow, and mild with a hint of hazelnut.

It is a popular and versatile cheese in Germany because it goes well with many beverages and carbs.

How to Enjoy Allgäuer Emmentaler (PAIRING)

It is perfect for breakfast, picnics, snacks, cheese plates and cooking. Typically, this cheese is served with tea, coffee, or beer. Nevertheless, it can also be used in salad or paired with sweet fruits like Oranges and Grapes.

In Germany, thin slices of Allgäu Emmentaler are eaten together with cheeseburger or white bread due to its buttery note on the palate.

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